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Harriet Weixel / Staff Writer for the Cody Enterprise / Main Section March 10, 2010

Steaks served at Cassie’s Supper Club have been proclaimed to be among the five best steaks in the West.

American Cowboy magazine, published in Boulder, Colo., announced its selection of the “Five Best Steaks in the West” in its February/March publication.Cassie’s porterhouse was ranked No. 2, behind the bone-in filet served at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in Omaha, Neb.

“We scoured the Western states by polling friends, speaking with chambers of commerce, doing Web research, etc.,” American Cowboy Editor-in-Chief Philip Armour said. “Cassie’s was mentioned several times by different sources in conversations about Wyoming, so it seemed unavoidable.”

The magazine sent Cassie’s a note stating,”Keep up the good work.” A plaque, with the magazine’s front page imprinted with the “best steak in the West” recognition, was also given to Cassie’s. Steve Singer, who along with his wife Melody own Cassie’s, said the full aging process he uses to make the steaks so popular includes wet curing and dry aging so steaks are sealed and cured in their own juices.

“Our steaks are so good because an old friend of mine from New York, Ernie Carnavale who lived up the North Fork, gave me a recipe for au jus,” Steve Singer said. “He made me promise I wouldn’t give it to anybody else, and I’ve been using it ever since.

Singer said Cassie’s has been serving the porterhouse since 1995. The steak was and still is, called “oil man” because it was a favorite of all the oil men around Cody, Singer added. When asked which steak was the most popular with customers, Singer said all the steaks are popular.

“But the biggest steak I ever sold was a porterhouse,” he said. “The customer wanted me to cut a big one, so I did. It was 72 ounces and the customer ate it in 15 minutes.” The Cody restaurant has received other recognitions including being featured on Jamie Oliver’s “American Road Trip” TV show in June 2009, and in November 2009, the Travel Channel included Cassie’s in the “Meet the Natives” program.

Cassie’s also was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Passport to Great Weekends” with Samantha Brown in July 2008. And in its November 1999 issue, Cowboys & Indians magazine voted Cassie’s one of the top 20 steakhouses in the West.

Cassie’s was founded and opened by Cassie Waters in 1922. Steve Singer and family purchased and renovated the establishment in 1995. The restaurant has a capacity of 400 customers with three levels of nonsmoking dining areas, a room for private parties, three bars and a large dance floor.

Steaks are hand-cut to order before grilling. Seafood, chicken and pasta are also on the menu.

Steve Singer is a graduate of the National School of Meat Cutters in Toledo, Ohio. He has been a meat cutter for 35 years and serves as chef with his son Nate and assistants Justin Armacost and Josh Beather.