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A good steak dinner is worth a few songs

The search for a good steak landed country singer Vince Gill at Cassie’s restaurant in Cody, WY., where he treated the crowd to a 90-minute jam session. “It was just incredible,” said Steve Singer, the restaurant’s owner. Gill and his wife, singer Amy Grant, and their children ate at the restaurant Saturday. Then Gill joined the house band, West the Band, on stage and played six of his songs, including “Liza Jane,” “Don’t Come Cryin’ ” and “Feels Like Love.” The set escalated into a jam session of blues and rock’n’ roll, Singer said. While making the reservations, Gill’s family inquired if “there was an extra guitar,” Singer said. After Gill finished his steak, Singer approached him and asked if he was serious about playing a few songs. He said, I’ll play a whole set if you want.


Vince Gill and Steve Singer on Bass


Ed Cook (Guitar), Jim Krubeck (Drums) and Vince Gill


Jim Krubeck and Vince Gill